What Does Body Safe Really Mean for Sex Toys?

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We built Bottega Nera on the dream of offering body safe, beautiful sex toys to new audiences. So what does body safe really mean for sex and kink? Why is it such a big deal?

Finding Body Safe Sex Toys

At Bottega Nera, we carefully choose all of the products we stock on our website to make sure all of them are as body-safe as possible. That means countless hours of researching materials, reading expert evaluations, and discussing which products are indeed the best. We care about this because shockingly, the sex-toy industry is mostly unregulated in both the US and Europe. That means toxic materials, improper manufacturing, and downright dirty toys are out there on the market. Low-quality toys contain substances like phthalates, which are banned in the production of children toys and can leech into the body, potentially causing health problems.

Not many people are aware of the risks that they are exposing themselves to when they are searching for the perfect new toy. Other than unregulated materials, resellers like Amazon sometimes will sell knockoff products or toys that have been opened or used. Yuck!

We find toys from companies who test their toys carefully and are honest about the materials. So you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting into your body and can enjoy your pleasure. 

What are Body Safe Sex Toy Materials?

Luckily, there are many body-safe toys on the market as well as bad ones. While there are many body safe materials, we exclusively carry toys with the following materials due to their reliability and great look and feel:

Medical-Grade Silicone
Silicone is a compound mostly made out of silica (sand) that is highly resistant to heat, is flexible, non-absorptive, and isn’t easily damaged. It’s one of our favourite materials for sex toys as it is easy to clean and very body safe.

Silicone sex toys can be made into almost any shape and can have any colour. Your silicone dildo or toy (without a motor or electronic elements) can be put in an empty dishwasher or even boiled to sterilize it. They last forever and have a nice skin-like feeling.


Sparkling, jewel-like, a work of art. Glass toys are beautiful, along with being durable and non-porous. The firmness of the toys results in more intense sensations that many people swear by. Glass is also straightforward to maintain and doesn’t absorb unwanted scents.

Companies That Care

We look for companies that care about the quality of their toys – beyond body safe to creating the best functional designs and taking care of their customers. From their packaging to how they handle defective products, we look for the cream of the crop to stock at Bottega Nera. 

See Our Body Safe Toy Selection:

Further Reading on Body Safe Materials

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