Fornicature Ostreum
Fornicature Ostreum

Fornicouture Ostreum


Fornicouture is the artistic creation of artist AHH, who creates luxury erotica catered to high fashion. The Ostreum shells are beautifully crafted art pieces, unique and some of the only made like them in the world with materials sourced from the UK. The Ostreum is all about oral delight. Sip champagne from their sultry curves, or place caviar in their folds for an ultimate preparation for your night.

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A handcrafted artisan piece that is entirely unique to its owner. Beautiful porcelain with a perfect silver accent spot with all the fine contours of an oyster shell.

Approximately 8cm long and 4.5cm wide

Hand wash with care in warm soapy water and dry lovingly with a soft cloth