Raw Chocolate Body Paint Romance Set


Creative, artistic, intimate fun… the product was silky smooth, applied beautifully to the skin and then to top it off – it tasted so great we wanted to start again!.” Graham

A raw chocolate body paint set made to add ritual and romance to your life. Indulge in the raw vegan organic chocolates from mococu, made out of the highest quality cacao.

This edible paint comes in a beautiful luxury gift-box with two individually wrapped peppermint and vanilla organic raw vegan chocolates, a sensual eco- brush and plum satin blindfold.


Using edible raw chocolate bodypaint is an exciting way to play with sensations across the skin, making swirls and designs that will tickle and entice your partner. Enjoy painting on your partner with the sensual brush, adorning each other with beautiful patterns, symbols, pictures and tribal marks. Lick and kiss off your artwork and delight your partner and enjoy beautiful erotic intimacy. The gift set is a perfect treat to take along on a romantic getaway or a honeymoon and is a great gift option for newlyweds or other partners who want to celebrate their love for each other. Browse our different boxed sets that are perfect for getting started with new sensations.

The body paint is suitable to use anywhere on the body, including intimate areas. The organic sweet almond oil and high purity, essential oils are good for both your skin and your body. (Not for internal use).

Mococu chocolates are the winner of the plastic-free awards for their sustainable packaging choices.

Our Mococu chocolates are totally vegan and exclusive to Bottega Nera.

Bottega Nera cannot guarantee that the product has been manufactured in a space free of nuts or nut oils.




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Ingredients: Organic cacao powder, organic food-grade sweet almond oil, organic maple syrup, organic food-grade essential oils of sweet orange/peppermint/vanilla/rose

Brush: bamboo, recycled aluminium, synthetic bristles

Blindfold: Crepe back satin 96.6% polyester, 3.4% elastane. Machine wash at 30C

Bottega Nera cannot guarantee that the product has been manufactured in a space free of nuts or nut oils.

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