How We Curate

Bottega Nera curated gift collections are developed by a team of professionals who carefully search for the best sex toys, BDSM implements, and lingerie that the industry has to offer.  Each curated set has a story behind it and is meant to be a full experience for the user. We have partnered with international kink presenters, small-business craftspeople, and top luxury designers to make sure our boxes have a realistic peek into the world of kink.

Uncompromising Quality

The toys that you will find in a Bottega Nera box are made from the most body-safe materials and are the top-rated toys on the market. We want our sets to be a pleasurable experience that is meant to last and will never leave you with novelty products.  All of our suppliers are reviewed by our team to make sure they meet our high standards for product quality both in design and materials.

Fraulein Kink Golden Python Cuffs – Get them in the Pretty in Pain and Pleasure Set

A Well-Rounded Set

Our boxed sets are meant to be a full experience with multiple scenarios that can be played out by the user. Our boxes all include what we consider to be a useable set of playthings to get your creativity flowing and hopefully introduce you to some new ways to play with your partners or yourself. Each box includes a restraint style toy, a sex toy (vibrator, anal plug, etc), premium lubrication, a wearable like lingerie, and a romance kit with chocolates. Many of our kits also include a small scenarios list for your try and the basics of negotiation. Our hope is that you’ll never be bored in the bedroom when you have a Bottega Nera set at your side.

Limited Edition Collections

The stock of our curated collections is extremely limited, and a gift set you may see on our site now may not return in future months. The reason for this is that we want to make sure we continue to include the latest styles, newest toys and continue to tell new stories with our sets. We are always in the pursuit of the unknown rising-star brand or the new definition of high-quality. Therefore we don’t live in the past and will release new collections regularly and retire old collections.

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