The Aftercare – Sub Drop Care Set

The Sub Drop Experts

Aftercare is an essential part of kink – just as important as negotiating and the play itself. Treat yourself and avoid sub-drop with a lovely box filled to the brim with the top-recommended tools to take care of yourself post-play.

The Aftercare Deluxe – Sub Drop Body Care Kit


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Aftercare is an essential part of any play, just as important as negotiating beforehand. Our aftercare kit includes treats and tools to help you recover from rough sex or kinky play. The kit includes nourishing body-care and other soothing goodies to help you process your feelings and improve your self-care routine with yourself and your partner.

  • Sumptuously soft faux fur blanketLuxurious faux fur throw, soft to the touch and features a coordinating super soft reverse for extra warmth and comfort. 155cm x 120cm
  • Aftercare Tea – A soothing herbal tea blended to help soothe negative emotions and give you a moment of peace to reflect. The blend was created especially for Bottega Nera with kinksters and sex adventurers in mind.
  • Chocolates – Artisanal chocolates to boost your mood and add something sweet to your life.
  • Body Products for Soothing Soreness – Oils and balms to soothe your tight and sore muscles.
  • A Body Wrap/Bath Soak – Soak away your sub drop and refresh your mind and body.
  • A Journal – Writing down your experiences and what you’re feeling helps you process your emotions, and can be a lovely bonding exercise with your play partner.
  • Body Wipes – For quick cleanup to feel fresh and renewed.

What is Aftercare?

Aftercare is what comes after adventurous sex or kinky play. Due to the nature of the intense interactions you have with your partner, sometimes your body can feel a “drop” in endorphins and energy directly after play or a few days after. It’s important to check in with your partner before you play and let them know what you expect for care after you’re finished.

Symptoms of Drop

  • Feeling “down” or depressed in mood
  • Physical tiredness/low energy
  • Muscle soreness
  • Mood swings
  • Needing extra sleep
  • Regret or guilt
  • And more

Experiencing drop is different from person-to-person and may change depending on the type of play you engaged in and your general health. Since everyone experiences drop differently, it’s best to discuss all the possibilities with your partner and talk about what you think you’ll need if you start to feel bad after play. Aftercare starts when the play ends and can begin with a gentle touch and cleaning up of your play space, and it should extend to days after where you check in with each other.

How The Aftercare Set Helps

Bottega Nera Aftercare Sets include self-care goodies that remind you to check in with your body and mind and take time to be present in the moment. The large aftercare set comes in a cute backpack so you can bring it with you wherever you are. With products to engage both your body and your mind, you can get in touch with yourself and work through any discomfort that can occur after the fun is over.

We carefully selected products we personally use when we feel down, all of the finest quality with the environment in mind.